The Sensitivity Scale

A rough guide to how people are divided according to their level of sensitivity

5% of the population are Acute Empaths, or Acutely Sensitive People (ASP). These people frequently feel completely overwhelmed with the emotions of everyone around them and struggle to function in everyday society. Acutely Sensitive People really love helping others though, and will quite literally do anything for anyone, however they often can't actually work in caring or helping jobs as the pain of others upsets them too much, and so ASP are very often solitary souls.


20% of the population are Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Although these people often have real challenges in life, and they often struggle with the world and within the world, they can however normally function most of the time, and in most situations, and because they really do care for others, and about other people, Highly Sensitive People tend to work as nurses, doctors, carers, support workers, therapists, healers, social workers, teachers etc.


50% of the population are Averagely Sensitive People. They care about their loved ones, they help others and they give to charity now and then, but they are not affected that much by the world around them, or the emotions of others, and they don't get overwhelmed with life as much as an HSP or an ASP would. Averagely Sensitive People tend to have regular, non-caring type jobs e.g. electricians, plumbers, accountants, truck drivers, administrative assistants, builders, shop assistants etc.

20% of the population have Little or Low Sensitivity; they don't care much about anyone other than themselves and what they can get out of life. They rarely do anything for anyone, they rarely give to charity, and they separate themselves v from everyone around them. These people are bankers who make as much money for themselves without thinking about the consequences for others, businessmen and women that only care about profit and not about their employees, professional landlords that make their tenants live in squalor, lawyers than defend the worst of the worst just for the money etc. Sadly there are a lot of people in the world with Little or Low Sensitivity.


5% of the population have No Sensitivity – these are the psychopaths and sociopaths, criminals, mercenaries and extremists. They are nasty, cruel people that have no sensitivity, empathy or compassion for anyone.


Of course these are just rough as of course there are empaths working as electricians and truck drivers (examples) and very uncaring, unkind insensitive people working in the caring industries!


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