The Empath - Issue 3

What's in Issue 3...


UNDERSTANDING ENERGY IS THE KEY TO SURVIVAL AS AN EMPATH - South African born Lilith White looks at how understanding energy is the key to survival as an Empath.

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EMBRACE YOUR PATH - Founder of The Empath Evolution Michelle J Howe says that it is time for Empaths to awaken and step forward on their path.


EMPATHS AND THE NEED TO HELP OTHERS: THE PITFALLS OF BEING TOO HELPFUL - Sharon Barbell explores the pitfalls Empaths face in their need to help others.


THE JOYS AND CHALLENGERS OF PARENTING THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILD - Shamanic painter, teacher, practitioner and author Imelda Almqvist examines the joys and challenges of parenting a Highly Sensitive child.


MY EMPATHIC JOURNEY - Kevin Milsom's personal guide to living with High Sensitivity.

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DEVELOPING AND MAINTAINING EMOTIONAL RESILIENCY - Mentalist, psychologist, author and speaker Simon Maryan Ph.D explores developing and maintaining emotional resiliency.


INTERVIEW - Interview with Leanne, the Barefoot Medium about her books and her journey as an empath and Medium.


COLOUR THERAPY – HOW COLOUR CAN HELP THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE - Professional Colour Therapist Valerie Logan-Clarke looks at how colour can help the highly  sensitive.


ANIMAL TOTEMS: MASTERS OF SENSITIVITY - Shaman, author and teacher Jennifer Engrácio looks at how animal totems can help Empaths move through challenges.


ASK AN EMPATH - Columnist and writer Sabrina Banes interviews HSPs living in New York, in an attempt to find common difficulties, and common strengths.


EMPATHY AND ART - South African artist Sonja Ray chats about how her high sensitivity manifests itself in her art.


EMPATHY AND POETRY - Sensitivity in poetry.


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