The Empath - Issue 2

What's in Issue 2...


THE JOURNEY OF AN EMPATH - Founder of The Empath Evolution Michelle J Howe asks how does an Empath advance on their own unique path?

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FENG SHUI FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLE - Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant Mark Ainley explores balancing homes for the Highly Sensitive.


CONNECTING HIGH SENSITIVITY WITH EATING DISORDERS - Writer Francesca Baker examines how the characteristics of an Empath are familiar to anyone with an eating disorder.

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WHO IS THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE EXTRAVERT? - Author and personality psychology student Erik Thor explores the possibilities of being both an extravert and a HSP.


TOXIC PEOPLE – TOXIC CONCEPT - Shamanic painter, teacher, practitioner and author Imelda Almqvist examines if it is really possible to be a toxic human being?


EMPOWERING EMPATHS WITH ANGEL HEALING - Angel Healing therapist Sabi Hilmi shares her story of how she found angel healing worked best in managing her own sensitivity.


IN THE ARMY - Mentalist, psychologist, author and speaker Simon Maryan Ph.D  shows how being an Empath can be ideal for certain branches and trades within the military.


ASK AN EMPATH - Columnist and writer Sabrina Banes interviews HSPs living in New York, in an attempt to find common difficulties, and common strengths.


COTHIEMUIR CALLING - Writer Carol Ann shares her empathic experiences of a May Day visit to Cothiemuir wood stone circles in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

AN EMPATH'S STORY - Medical herbalist Tasija Cruz shares her journey.


EMPATHY AND ART - Professor Sara Bennett chats to the Empath's Kev Milsom about being an Empath and how her high sensitivity manifests itself in her art.


EMPATHY AND POETRY - Sensitivity in poetry.


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