The energy of love is undeniable, not just the romantic love towards a partner, husband or wife, but love towards friends and relatives. Love is simply the giving and sharing of positive energy with someone else close to you, which the Universe then builds upon with even more positive energy that person then gives you in return. People are frightened of saying “I love you,” but they shouldn't be, because the Universe picks up on those three lovely little words and gives it back to you a thousand times more. And, if you want to define your love for someone more precisely, and to avoid any confusion, also say; “I love you for the friendship we have,” or “I love you for the support you have given me over the years.” You could love a person for all sorts of reasons, but the most important thing is not to be frightened of telling someone you love them. Sadly, however, there are people who don't give out the energy of love to other people, and who make lots of excuses and reasons not to. But if you learn to love, and learn to give love to others, you will always get it back even more! And because you get it back, you then naturally give it more out, and because you give more out, you get it back, and on and on it goes...


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you overcome the issues, difficulties, insecurities or challenges you may have with loving, finding love, being loved, developing love, or accepting the love of others.




There is both good and bad energy attributed to lust and intimacy. All acts of intimacy have energy; there is bad energy associated with those encounters that have nothing meaningful or positive attached to them, and there is good energy attached to the intimacy between two people who have love and good emotions and bonds between each other. Bad energy exists when someone is using another person purely for something physical, and only to satisfy their own lust. (the 'I' - see below), and by doing this they are taking good energy away from the person they are intimate with, without giving any good energy back in return. This will, of course, come back to them; they will also get used in exactly the same way, by the same sort of people.


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you to develop positive energy with intimacy issues, and helps you get rid of any negative energy you might still have with past partners, or past intimate experiences.





Positive energy in your house and home is vitally important and key to a positive life, as much of your personal, private time is spent there. Also, if there is negative energy at home, you are more likely to then carry that around with you into other places, or when you are with other people. However, it is not only important to get energy at home positively balanced for yourself, it should also be positive and balanced for visitors and guests too; it is so easy to unknowingly give your guests negative energy when they visit your house or home. Giving guests good energy transform their visit into something very special, which will then, of course, give you good energy from them in return!


My Positive Energy Coaching, along with various Feng Shui techniques, helps you change any negative energy you may have in your house or home into much more positive energy, not just for anyone living there, but for guests and visitors too.




Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another, and an empath is someone who feels what other people are feeling, to know what it feels like to be another person, and to understand their condition from their perspective. Most humans have empathic traits; they care about others and can understand the emotions and feelings of others, but in this modern world many ignore their empathic side and don't help or support people when they are either distressed or upset, or angry or sad. People are using the word empathy everywhere at the moment; by educationalists, nurses, scientists, business leaders and even politicians to highlight ways of improving the quality of our own lives, and of the lives of others, which is once again all down to giving positive energy out to people and getting even more back in return. The act of showing empathy to someone else is the act of giving someone else your positive energy. And when you do this, they feel good, they feel helped, or listened to, or understood, and by doing this you will, of course get it back, both from the person you have just given it to perhaps by way of their appreciation or attitude, and later when you yourself need empathy from someone else.


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you support, listen to and connect with others on a much deeper level, and helps you further develop your true empathic side, or find your lost empathy.





Homes and places that are not maintained, and where things are broken or falling to pieces and not fixed, carry lots of bad energy. Have you ever had one thing break in your house and you leave it for a few days and others things then break as well? And it normally happens when you are strapped for cash! This is because the energy of broken things is much like the energy of an ill or injured person; if you don't treat that illness or injury straight-away, the bad energy that surrounds that illness or injury is compounded by even more bad energy, making things even worse until the illness or injury eventually becomes irreparable. This is the same for inanimate things too; if you don't mend broken and damaged things straight-away, bad energy stays with these things which makes them worse and causes more things fall into disrepair.


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you find solutions for the things and people around you that are in disrepair, and well as providing Body Healing and Pain Management support.




What you say in your emails or messages and/or how you reply or comment to posts can have an immediate, significant and lasting impact on both positive and negative energy flow, both with the people you are immediatly connecting with, as well as with anyone else reading your comments or posts. What words you use, how you structure those words, being thoughtful or thoughtless, being kind and caring or unkind and self-centred, can all affect energy.


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you think carefully about how to reply and what to say, and shows you how you can give out profound and long-lasting positive energy within this often impersonal, virtual world.





Sadly and tragically, in every day life most people only focus on the 'I'; what 'I' want, what 'I' expect, what 'I' need, how 'I' want you to behave, what 'I' want you to do, how 'I' want you to live your life, and they think little about the 'we', or 'us', or 'you.' Nothing positive will ever come out of concentrating just on the 'I.' Of course there has to be a balance; you cannot compromise your own morality and core beliefs for someone else, but positive energy comes from empowering, supporting and motivating others and by surrounding yourself with others wanting to empower, support and motivate you.


My Positive Energy Coaching helps you find the strength and confidence you might sometimes need in dealing with a partner, family or friends who don't empower, support and/or motivate you as much as you would like, or with the things you want to do in your life, as well as helping you to develop the strength to empower others to live the lives they want to live.




Contact me on the below if you feel you would like Positive Energy Coaching on any of the above, or would like to discuss anything else that you might like support with.


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