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Being an Empath and a Highly/Acutely Sensitive Person can often be a real challenge. At times, things in life do become extremely overwhelming, challenging and even life-consuming for us – the world around us can often consume our world with its negativity, We ARE wired differently, we DO experience things very differently to most other people, and we DO often struggle to cope. This is undeniable. And when things do get too much, or when we do struggle to see the light, all most of us really want is a listening ear, and the support of someone close we trust; someone who really understands us and who has experienced these life-challenges as we have, someone kind, and someone with genuine love in their hearts and who really cares.


Please find below a list of coaches, counsellors and therists around the world offering support to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People. As these pages develop and more and more coaches around the world showcase their services, we will then divide these pages up into countries/regions.



"I’m a mentalist, psychologist, author and speaker and run my Mind-Body Coaching business based in Aberdeenshire, UK, offering coaching, psychological change as well as physical and nutritional coaching.  I also run training courses in NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching as well as a variety of other soft skills courses. My philosophy is to treat people as individuals, not as a label or cluster of symptoms and help them discover new ways to percieve themselves, what’s going on in their life and empower them to uncover ways, with my help, to deal with their symptoms and resolve the issues that have and are causing them problems. My main focus is working with veterans and serving military personnel in dealing with trauma."



One-to-one and Web based.


T: +44 (0) 800 6890864
FB: @simon.maryan
Instagram: @simonmaryan



"My name is Michelle J. Howe.  I am an awakening speaker, teacher and healer - stepping forward to impact, share and guide others to inner connection, emotional empowerment, personal confidence and overall wellness.  My teachings and approach are beyond traditional perceptions, beliefs and opinions.  I look at life as a school - you are each here to experience, contribute and advance in some way.  I am here to help you step into greater potentials and embody wisdom within success."


LOCATION: New Jersey, USA.

One-to-one and Web based

T: +1 315.676.7460
FB: @empath.evolution
YouTube: Empath Evolution



Integrated healing with Julie - Balancing the mind and the body so the healing can begin.


"Working on issues from forgiveness and letting go to self worth and spirituality, I will give you the tools to help you grow, get well … change your life.

I don’t do the healing, you do. I have a natural ability and an irresistible drive to: Help people understand that only they can change their lives, and to guide them to manage their own healing by taking them from victim to self-healer mode. In fact, I believe this is the only way real healing can happen. I combine all of my areas of expertise – personal and business coaching, Reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, meditation, and visualization – to create my own unique integrated healing approach. I teach, run workshops, do one-on-one healing, and write to over 2,000 people who receive my newsletter."


LOCATION: The Kingdom of Bahrain

One-to-one and Web based


T: +973 39606712
FB: @JulieLomasConsciousConnections
Instagram: @itconsciousconnections
LinkedIn: @Julie-lomas-9372668


Kelly Armatage is qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and internationally. Coaching sessions are available for international clients online via webinar software. See Sessions page for full details. As well as being a regularly booked Public Speaker and Published Writer, Kelly runs Workshops and Seminars that facilitate massive change personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually for audiences worldwide.



One-to-one and Web based


FB: @kels.armatage
Instagram: @kellyarmatage
Twitter: @kellyarmatage




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