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Short but sweet; our site is being created so you can find fellow Empaths close to your location and connect with them in person.


Maybe you know everything there is to know about Empaths already? Or maybe you stumbled upon this website during one of your first searches to learn more about yourself? Either way, bookmark this page and contact us below, and we'll keep you updated as we add more and more information to the site, and Empaths to our community.


Have you been told to be “less sensitive” or to just “get over yourself”? Then we probably have a lot in common! Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Empaths hear that a lot from those who find it hard to understand our sensitivities. Not all HSP are empaths, but all empaths are highly sensitive, even if it is in very different gradations and ways.


Empaths pick up the thoughts, feelings and sometimes even physical discomforts of other people. Empaths can get confused, sometimes mistaking the thoughts, feelings and discomforts of others as our own. Another issue, often unbeknownst to ourselves, is that we can also pick up what other people want or need from us, often ending up in complicated situations where, over time, we can lose a little (or a lot) of our own identity without realizing it. As Empaths, we have to take responsibility for ourselves, and get to know our own energy field so we can avoid that from happening. And so our goal with this website and our community is to provide information that will reverse the unfortunate fact that more and more of our society seems to lack real empathy; people seem to no longer “dare to feel,” either because society does not accept that it is okay to “feel,” or simply because it's too painful to do so.


Also, it seems key for everyone, but especially for empaths, to avoid attracting narcissists or even psychopaths into our lives. In fact to catch being manipulated or controlled in any way whatsoever, or to start behaving in that way ourselves - consciously or subconsciously - because the approach of someone else towards us, our environment, or our community feels threatening to us. And so we believe that the solution for all of us is to communicate with each other in an open and honest way, and to never try to suppress our thoughts, feelings and emotions, (which could very well be the reason that addictions to legal and illegal drugs continue to be on the rise worldwide).


And so, with this website, we hope to bring people together and raise awareness and understanding for the fact that we Empaths are just 'wired a little differently.' We are all unique, but some of us are a little more unique than others.


Let's open our hearts, show some guts and be strong. Let's unite and bring empathy back online, in all its ways, shapes and forms. Let's find each other, connect with each other, and meet up. Whether it's one-to-one for tea and support, or to organize major life events enabling many people to gather together, learn and unite.


We hope you are inspired to join our little community and we warmly welcome Empaths around the world. Please get in touch with us below. We will then connect and link up Empaths in regions, countries and locations worldwide, as well as keeping you updated with new information added to this website, and inviting you to meetings and events as and when they are organized. As our community grows we will also be placing a map online pinpointing the location of fellow Empaths within our community around the world.

We look forward to hearing from you!


With love


Robin (UK) and Dree (USA/Holland)





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