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Hi, I'm Robin, I'm an Empath and an Acutely Sensitive Person, and welcome to my little website. It is still under construction though, so please be patient, it'll be fully online soon (by the end of May 2018).


The term HSP now seems to be a recognised psychological term for people with a much higher level of sensitivity that 'normal.' CLICK HERE to read about the different levels of Sensitivity. Normal is a subjective term anyway, as of course we are all 'normal' to ourselves!


Being an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person is really the same; we have the increased ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual; we easily and quickly absorb and experience other people's emotions, especially hurt, fear, anger or anxiety, and are often brought to tears when experiencing these emotions; we are easily hurt ourselves and can very quickly get upset with disharmony and discord; we don't like emotional confrontation; we can become very quickly overwhelmed with the world around us, and with people and noise; we are highly intuitive; we instinctively know when people are lying to us or trying to deceive us, and have much stronger gut feelings about things which are - more often than not – correct, and we just 'know' the motivations and intentions of other people. There are lots of other traits too of course!


Basically, we process sensory data more deeply due to the nature of our central nervous system. In short... Highly Sensitive People are wired slightly differently.



A 25 Point HSP Self-Test


Are you Acutely Sensitive, Highly Sensitive, Averagely Sensitive or have little or no sensitivity at all!


Score yourself between 1 and 5. 1= Strongly Disagree, 5 = Strongly Agree


1. I often feel the need to be by myself and to get away from everyone.
2. I get upset easily if people are upset with me.
3. I can easily sense other people's emotions.
4. I can easily sense the changes in other people's emotions.
5. I can easily sense how people feel about me.
6. I can easily tell when people are not being truthful towards me.
7. I often get overwhelmed by too many people around me.
8. I find confrontation with other people extremely difficult.
9. I am a very emotional person.
10. I can generally sense people's true motives.
11. I take great joy in helping other people.
12. I am often brought to tears when I witness other people's sadness, plight, distress etc.
13. I feel unsettled when other people are watching me.
14. I often put others first, even to my detriment.
15. People often think I am shy or introverted.
16. I am sensitive to strong smells.
17. I am noise sensitive - loud noises upset me.
18. I am unusually sensitive to pain.
19. I get stressed easily when I have too many things to do at one time.
20. I get startled easily.
21. I am often moved by the arts.
22. I find great comfort in being in nature.
23. I feel as though I am a very spiritual person.
24. I believe I am quite a complex person.
25. I sense the pain of the earth.


If you score between 110 and 125 you are most likely acutely sensitive; for you life is a real struggling with lots of daily challenges. If you score between 75 and 110 you are most likely highly sensitive, you have lots of challenges but you can cope. If you score between 50 and 75 you have average sensitivity, and if you score under 50, well, best you look at another website!




I am working on this website at the moment, and will be adding more and more content shortly, in the meantime, please CLICK HERE to read my two editions of The Empath magazine- I started publishing them last year but sadly didn't find enough financial support to continue. But I hope you enjoy issues 1 and 2 anyway. And, if you feel you need some positive, good energy  CLICK HERE to download a FREE pdf copy of THE LITTLE BOOK OF GOOD ENERGY.


Conversations with Empaths - contact me if you fancy chatting about being an Empath, or answering a few questions via email.  It'll be to put on this website, as well as into a book I am planning on this subject.

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