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The term HSP now seems to be a recognised psychological term for people with a much higher level of sensitivity that 'normal.' Normal is a subjective term anyway, as of course we are all 'normal' to ourselves!


Being an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person is really the same; we have the increased ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual; we easily and quickly absorb and experience other people's emotions, especially hurt, fear, anger or anxiety, and are often brought to tears when experiencing these emotions; we are easily hurt ourselves and can very quickly get upset with disharmony and discord; we don't like emotional confrontation; we can become very quickly overwhelmed with the world around us, and with people and noise; we are highly intuitive; we instinctively know when people are lying to us or trying to deceive us, and have much stronger gut feelings about things which are - more often than not – correct, and we just 'know' the motivations and intentions of other people. There are lots of other traits too of course!


Basically, we REALLY DO process sensory data much more deeply and profoundly due to the nature of our central nervous system. In short... Highly Sensitive People are wired slightly differently.


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Details of coaches, counsellors and therapists worldwide that offer support to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People either personally or virtually via webinars, Skype etc.



Connecting with, contacting and meeting other Empaths and HSP around the world.



We'll be adding lots (and lots) of articles and interesting information from writers around the world about being an HSP and living as an Empath. Click on the menus to see the articles already online, lots more online soon. In the meantime, please do read our two editions of The Empath magazine - we started publishing them last year but sadly didn't find enough financial support to continue. But we hope you enjoy issues 1 and 2 anyway. You can also download issues 1, 2 and 3 of The Empath in pdf booklet format free too, We are working on issue 4 now too, so if you have an article you'd like to include, or if you'd like to advertise in it, please CONTACT US.



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